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Comment: "I originally stumbled upon your page trying to figure out A decent way to DIY a gemstones Specific Gravity. I read your CRAZY SUPER SIMPLE 5 step instructions using a scale and cup of water....I thought to myself.... "DUH". Seriously though. I can't believe I hadn't thought about that. Then I noticed at the top of the page you had a INCREDIBLY TINY "home" link... So I clicked on it. You should really make that larger... For real. I am so so glad I saw that tiny HOME link. Anyways...I know we're all busy. Just wanted to tell you... Well... THANK YOU! YOUR ENTIRE SITE IS AMAZING! you keep things easy and real without making it confusing. I can SO appreciate that." Lori H.

Comment: "The mineral museum is the best. I love it. I can't stop looking at everything. Thanks John for putting it together." T. Valenti

Comment: "Hi John, I received the fluorites today! I just wanted to reach out and thank you sooo much for amazing service, quality and price. I was blown away at the Elmwood specimen! Absolutely rich in color and condition is 100! The size of Minerva fluorite is amazing, the condition, color, zoning (which surprised me when backlit) is so nice!! I'm so please to add these to my collection! Thank you so much John!" Jon W.Comment: "On 7th December we ordered a Fluorite Crystal from you. It arrived at our address in the UK today, less than one week ago. That is amazing service and the crystal itself is magnificent. Thank you so much" Michele and Stuart

Comment: "Already here, pretty darn prompt (2 days to be delivered). I have to say, this is a really nice Picher sphalerite cluster. I'm used to the bigger crystals from Tri-State being opaque black, but these have a noticeable honey-colored translucency, a bonus with the sharp, lustrous and complex crystal surfaces. Very glad I got this beauty for the modest price you had on it! Thank you!" Kelly

Comment: "I want to thank you for the natrolite specimen I received yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition. The care you took to package such a delicate specimen it was incredible, four layers of protection and stabilized in the inner box with mineral tack! Having recently moved my collection to a new house I understand the time it takes to carefully pack specimens. The care you took was really above and beyond reasonable expectations. Steven H."

Comment: "On Tuesday this week we ordered (from the UK) a specimen of Prehnite from Upper New Street Quarry. This was posted by yourself the same day. It has got to be the most magnificent Prehnite we have ever seen and we cannot thank you enough for it. Also your excellent service and very fast delivery. We have had items sent to us from this country taking several days. Best wishes. M. and S."

Comment: "Just an FYI. Received my 7 specimen mineral order today for the very reasonable price of $240, after your multi specimen discount. That is a little more than $30 per specimen on average. While these were all small miniatures, I thought the quality was excellent from a lack of damage perspective, uniqueness for location crystal morphology perspective. (and the price was great for that). Any beginner or moderate-skilled collector would greatly benefit from the addition of these specimens. I consider myself an advanced collector, and this suite really made me happy and hit the mark with me for what they are in size. I have spent very much more $$$ on “high quality” larger specimens. These in their own way, in my opinion, hold their own in the collection for reasons mentioned. Maybe I am over the top on this, but I very much like what I received. Thanks. Dan M." 

Comment: "Just wanted to tell you I appreciate some of the little things you do, as seen in my recent order. For example, postage was 6.50, not the $10 most dealers charge. No white box, no ghastly glue affixing the specimen on an acrylic base--all things that presumably save you money, helping to keep prices down. Very nice specimen, BTW. " Wynne K.

Comment: "Just a note to thank you for the turquoise which arrived yesterday. Less than a week from placing the order, to receiving this specimen here in England - that's quick service! It's an attractive stone; accurately described and superbly photographed on your website. The old labels and historic mine info are an added bonus, so I'm very pleased with my purchase. By all means quote me if you wish, as a satisfied customer who will probably be back with more orders in the future." Alan P.

Comment: "Last year we asked if you could obtain a specimen of Papagoite, an extremely difficult mineral to get, and you suggested Tucson would be the best bet. You came up with a magnificent specimen as we knew you would and added to it a specimen of the almost as rare Stringhamite. I don't know how you do it, but we can't thank you enough for these Specimens.) "

"I am really pleased with the gifts my family members are getting for me from your site. I tell them what I want and in a few days they are mine and also thank you for the beautiful cards you send with the personal message on them. I love it. " T. Valenti

Comment: "Over the years we have accumulated some very fine specimens of Analcime from yourself but they all pale in comparison with the giant Canadian one in today's parcel. A magnificent specimen, can't wait for your next update". M.M.

Comment: "Once again, thank you, the crocoite is perfect and the analcime, calcite and quarts on prehnite is exactly what I wanted.I love your site and all it has to offer. You re the best." Tiffany V.

Comment: "I love the fluorite from Tennessee my husband got me for our anniversary. It is everything I wanted in this beautiful fluorite. Thank you for getting it out as quickly as you did. "

Comment: "We received from you a specimen of Pyromorphite from Phoenixville. It has got to be the most magnificent specimen of this species we have ever seen. The photos on your website did not do it justice." M. Martin in UK.

Comment: "Some months ago, we asked if you could obtain for us a specimen of Fluorite from Illinois. We left you to it knowing that sooner or later you would come up with the goods. And you certainly have. It is an absolute magnificent Fluorite and we can't thank you enough for going to all that trouble to obtain it for us." Marie...

Comment: "Thank you John! I just added two nice Diamonds from the North Cape Province, South Africa to my collection. John's service is impeccable! My new prized specimens were described honestly and photographed perfectly. I am a very happy collector! For everyone seeking to buy collection grade (or jewelry grade) Diamonds, John Betts fine minerals in New York is the place to go!" Michael P.

Comment: "I'm very happy with the beautiful calcite on dolomite mineral I purchased from you. The fluorescence is awesome! As always,it was superbly packed and delivered, and the price very fair. I look forward to my next transaction with you. "G. Tucker

Comment: "I just received my order of beautiful Copper from the Ray Mine in Arizona and Native Silver with Acanthite from Batopilas, Chihuahua Mexico. Both arrived in perfect condition and I am thrilled & honored to add these awesome minerals to my Native Elements section of my collection. These beauties will add much "spice" to that group. These and all your minerals are "show worthy" pieces at bargain prices. Thank you a million times! 5 stars +++++ for this dealer!" M.P.

Comment: "Thanks, John. The sapphire just arrived in fine shape. Very nice and the color and clarity were well-represented by your photographs. Another satisfied customer!" D.D.

Comment: "An exceptionally beautiful fluorescent mineral expertly packaged and airmailed to me in perfect state. I am very thrilled with this purchase and plan many more." G. K. Tucker

Comment: "Service above and beyond! Recently I placed an order for a beautiful set of 10 Boleite crystals only to find that the set had been sold. Not to worry, John offered to custom build a new set of 10 Boleites which were equally (or even more) impressive as the first set. My Boleites traveled across the US and got to me within a few short days. I am extremely pleased with my set of crystals. The look is fabulous with an eye-pleasing mix of cubes and "twinning" crystals. Thank you for your exemplary service John!" M. Parrott

Comment: "We have, on several occasions, requested specimens that were not on your website. You have unfailingly come up with our requirements each time and they have all been top class :) We cannot thank you enough and look forward to dealing with you for a long time to come. Lots of thanks again :)" Marie

Comment: "For the better part of this past year I've been searching for just the right "raw and natural" diamond for inclusion to my mineral collection. After searching many sites I found just the right diamond with John Betts. It is a reference example of a perfect octahedral gem and in my opinion the finest example John had in the under 1 carat range.

Comment:  "My diamond is undamaged with no dark unsightly inclusions and is a cuttable gem-grade example. The service from John is exemplary and the shipping was extremely fast. I am pleased beyond 100%! My new diamond looks fabulous in my collection. John thoughtfully provided a circular - black cushioned display case with my order. Perfecto in every way. Now I will begin my happy dancing!!" Michael P.

Comment: "In all our 50+ years of collecting, neither of us have ever seen such a magnificent specimen as the Almandine Garnet from Wrangell, Alaska, even in photographs and we cannot thank you enough for all the trouble you went to to collect it :)" Marie in UK

Comment: "I purchased a fine Illinois Fluorite with Calcite specimen. Absolutely amazing specimen. The photos provided on the site did not do it justice! All labels were included which added something special to this particular piece as it was part of Joe Dorris' collection. It made a fine addition to my own collection." L. Osborne

Comment: "Thanks very much; it arrived today. The wavellite specimen is great, and your packaging is outstanding! Cheers, Don"

Comment: "I recently purchased a piece of Tanzanite from you. I'm not a jeweler, I'm a mineral and element collector. I purchased the cheapest piece you had as my funds are limited but I am so far beyond satisfied. My collection, concerning gems is still missing rough diamond, topaz, and ruby but, when my funds are sufficient I will purchase from you again. Your honesty in describing and providing images is/was more than impressive. I can and will recommend you to any and all collectors! " Joshua Covin.

Comment: "The mineral arrived Saturday. The pictures on your webpage accurately and fully described the mineral specimen. This was the first time I purchased a mineral on line and I am not disappointed. Thank you." Rich G.

Comment: "Recently I made a purchase from this site. I am very impressed with the customer service. The process of purchasing a mineral and having it posted to Australia was quick and easy. It was packaged well and I am completely satisfied. I will be purchasing from John again soon." Jeremy Williams

Comment: "Minerals got here this morning. The real stones are so much more beautiful than the pictures and the pictures were fantastic." Rick & Bonnie R.

Comment: "Thank you for my August purchases. I traded and purchased minerals back in the 70's and very early 80's when local shows were my only option. Purchasing online has been a new and not always wholly satisfying experience. Overall, however, in the last few years since rediscovering my old minerals and using the internet to acquire new ones, I have learned to be careful, reigned in the tendency to make the chase more important than what ends up in my hands, and managed to acquire some nice new additions. One of the lessons I've taken in the differences between acquiring minerals via the internet as opposed to local shows, though, has been not knowing if they will be as exciting or interesting or even simply the same as they were on the page in front of me when I purchase them. The minerals I received from you were all just as pictured, just as described (critical, given pictures do not tell a complete story), and each one was absolutely lovely. I've been thrilled with them. Thank you very much." D. Nickerson

Comment: "This piece of Gypsum is really eye catching. Never thought something so ordinary could look so good. Am glad it was available & that I bought it. You know, when you retire, I will probably stop buying minerals. I don't know if I could trust another dealer as I have you over the years. And life goes on. I do wish you & your wife & friends many happy moments of peace & quiet wherever you go. It is my pleasure to be one of your customers." Carol C.

Comment: "I have been looking at your website for quite a bit (years) and wanted to let you know, that I appreciate the work you have put into this as well as your business. Your website is beyond most on the internet and a wealth of information. I can see your dedication, passion and hard work that you have put into this field. I can’t tell you the amount of hours that I have spent in the past 10 years researching and reading articles with a good focus of material I found on your website, while comparing rocks and minerals that I have found/acquired." Kelli C.

Comment: "You offer the BEST selection of materials, bar none. Always like to purchase items from you. Best health" Richard

Comment: "While the dealer was traveling, he kept me informed about when he expected to ship the entire time. Item was VERY well packed, and as far as as 'S go, it's a FINE one...exceptional quality and service." M.W.

Comment: "Good Afternoon Mr. Betts, This morning I while I was walking my dog I was pleased to find that the mineral specimen arrived! I must say that I was extremely pleased with how fast it showed up, as well as the quality of packaging and care taken to ensure the mineral remained safe. Everything arrived as intended, and I cannot thank you enough for the lovely mineral; it's even more splendid in person and I am eager to display it. I also enjoyed the mineral's tag that provides all the information about it! Once again, thank you for everything, I can see myself buying more minerals from you in the future. Sincerely, " Ryan Z.

Comment: "John, the specimen arrived today and is gorgeous. Your photos were good, but they did not do it justice. I simply cannot fathom how you manage to run such a high quality business. Your specimens are always excellent, exactly as advertised, your prices are very reasonable, you get the specimens out to the buyers very quickly, and you do all the photography, finance, and warehouse and delivery stuff yourself. In addition, you have many other activities, as indicated by your website. Amazing." Bob

Comment: "Dear Mr. Betts, Thank you once again! I am probably not the greatest buyer you have. I am on a limited budget and shop only every now and then. But the thing is you have such an amazing inventory even in the lowest price range that i cannot find any thing better in terms of value for the quality of the samples, the accuracy of the item's description to the highest level of service you provide. It is a great pleasure each time and a long lasting satisfaction with each purchase. Thank you!" Jean L., Québec, Canada

Comment: "I am very happy with the delivery and packaging of my order. The detailed descriptions almost din't do justice to the specimens but were a great aid in selection. I am searching for a few things that used to feature in my previous collections perhaps I may send a list." J. Hhall

Comment: "I recently bought five items and they were very pretty, came just as photographed, and shipped super quickly. Thanks John!!! I like that everything you offer is real. I don't like treatments, fake colorings. Nice specimens. Will cont. to buy here." T. Lamb

Comment: "I think it’s your combination of photographic artistic background and mineral knowledge that cause me to like the things you offer far more than anyone else I see offering minerals. I’d guess that 95+% of my mineral money goes to you, and mainly because of aesthetics, quality, and honesty. That last one is what caused me to be interested in you in the first place. It was so refreshing to have someone tell me about any flaws, the actual size of the largest crystal (have to guess for almost everyone else), etc. I said (and still say) “there’s a man who is doing his best to make sure I know what I’m buying – how refreshing." Don R.

Comment: "The Samarskite-(Y) specimen arrived in good shape today. You did an outstanding job of packing it. I surely wish others would be as careful as you are. That and the high quality for reasonable cost are why you are still in business, though." Bob M.

Comment: "I spent a couple of evenings searching for these gifts and you have, far and away, the most professionally presented, easy to use web site." Gerard  M.

Comment: "It was great to finally meet you today at the Springfield Show. I have been following and doing some minor purchasing from your site for years. I'm not a major collector by any means, but when I buy online, you and only one other are the dealers I trust (Geologic Desires). You actually price specimens at Earthly rates :). Thanks for the fair prices, keen insight and the time you took with me today. I will enjoy my pink elbaite for years to come and it will help brighten up my black ugly collection. Also, I purchased your dravite-uvite from Powers Farm (#44538) a while back and it's uniqueness, quality and historical value are tops. It's still my favorite specimen for these reasons. Hope your trip back to NYC wasn't too hectic." Sincerely, Bryan M.

Comment: "Thank you for your information for mining in the New England area. We love to go to Ace of Diamonds in NY but cannot find a weekend available and these locations are perfect for us! One of these places will be a Birthday surprise for our daughter, who loves to find gems. Thank you again!" Sue, Ray, Cass and Jess

Comment: "I Just recently purchased a lovely purple Fluorite on Sphalerite specimen and could not be happier. It was perfectly described in the photos and description, was very well priced and arrived at my home in Brisbane, Australia in perfect condition due to the care and time John Betts spent packaging the specimen. I would definitely recommend John Betts as one of the best sites to buy something special from. I will be purchasing again soon." Simon

Comment: "Just received my 3 mineral specimens today in great shape. Very pleased! Excellent!" Kirby J. K.

Comment: "John, the uvite is an important specimen, and I'm so happy to have it in the collection. And that's coming from someone who's difficult to please. It's rare to see a floater crystal that looks polished! Thanks for the superb specimen." J. Houran

Comment: "John Betts is the only person I would even think of purchasing diamonds from, online, without first inspecting the stone personally. I made my first purchase (a gorgeous stone costing five figures) with a great deal of trepidation, but the transaction went so remarkably well, I had to stop by and commend John. It was a very difficult cross-border transaction involving lengthy customs processes etc, but John was with me every step of the way. When the diamond finally arrived, it was obvious the long wait and anguish had been well worthwhile. The stone is exactly as John described and photographed. My jeweler was very impressed that I could get such an intrinsically beautiful raw stone. Thank you John, I am so glad I took this unusual step of buying a diamond online from a guy I've never met! Your patience, knowledge, professionalism and outstanding service are unparalleled." Bea in Singapore

Comment: "My experience was very good. Everything arrived well-packed and as advertised. This web site is the most user friendly web site in the business. Great job." Bill

Comment: "Hey John, Thank you so much for establishing a site where purchasing stunning mineral specimens is easy. All of the specimens I have recieved have matched the photos and look even better in person. Also, I was scanning the new listings today and the Brookites are amazing! This is one reason why I always like looking at your site. You never dissapoint! Thank you so much!" RE

Comment: "I've recently been going through my collection to prepare some specimens for sale, and wanted to tell you that your database of minerals (Online Mineral Museum) is the best I have found online. You seem to have a specimen pictured from just about everywhere for every species! It is truly impressive. Now if I could only get prices, too, it would sure help me figure out what stuff is worth! But even without that, it is a wonderful resource and I just wanted to thank you--it must have been a heck of a lot of work!" Wynne K.

Comment: "The minerals I ordered have arrived and are more beautiful than your photos show. Thank you." Joann

Comment: "The minerals arrived safely. They are exquisite. I love all of those you have sent to me. Thank you for your wonderful site." gneissmom

Comment: "I was REALLY amazed at the products I received from you. They were better than the online pictures!! You never knows what you will get when ordering on line. You get an A+ from me." D. Anderson

Comment: "Hey John, I just wanted to comment on the efficiency of your site and the exquisite variety of minerals and their righteous prices. I have purchased a few of your minerals and they never disappoint me. Also, ordering these minerals is not even a slightly tedious task....right to the point, no hesitation for extra personal information." Ryan

"John, I received my Descloizite yesterday in the mail and was very pleased. It look's even better under a loop. Thank again for your consistent great service, it is rare these day's. Also, thank you for the lower priced items for the income challenged among us. Bring more back from Tucson show. Don't hesitate to buy from John. He is top's in his field for quality and service." E. Myhro

Comment: "John I am enjoying your recent shipment, (not putting some of them in my protective display cases yet just so I can enjoy them under magnification and varied lighting!!) Keep those reasonable prices, and prompt shipping!! You rock!! (P.S. I'm also enjoying "building" my next order with you - thanks again for working with your less financially affluent customers!! "Angel V.

Comment: "Hello John, I received my order last week and it was beautiful as always. I love to collect these specimens but am not deep in the pocketbook. I appreciate the less expensive listings. Keep up the good work. Thank's again." Ed M.

Comment: "We purchased a 1 ct. uncut diamond for my wedding ring from John. I know buying diamonds over the internet is a risky proposition, so I am writing to ease any potential customers' fears. All communication from John was extremely prompt. We received the stone within in 4 days of ordering it. It was well packaged and looked beautiful, exactly as respresented on the website. When we took it to the jeweler to get set, everything that John had advertised checked out 100%. It was infact a diamond (not just a pretty piece of glass), the carat weight and dimensions were all also perfectly as posted on the website. So I'd recommend buying without fear. Thanks for the beautiful and completely unique stone! It's going to make a fabulous wedding ring!" JoAnnComment: "Dear Mr. Betts, I want to thank you for the specimen I just received. As it was the case on my previous purchase, 10 years ago - one could say I am a patient collector - the quick delivery, the excellent wrapping and the specimen were once again true to your high quality standard. Also, I was touched by the fact that you took the time to welcome me back as a customer after 10 years. Many things kept me away from expanding my collection the past few years, but I will be back sooner this time around. Your customer's satisfaction oriented approach is a delight. Thank you once again." Jean L., Quebec , Canada

Comment: "Hello, Mr. Betts, My new Wulfenite from Red Cloud Mine arrived today, and it´s definitely wonderful. Thank you very much." S. Gabel in Germany

Comment: "John, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new addition to your site. The museum is awsome!! Please continue the fine work you do. I haven't been able to purchase lately but I visit your site every week!" E. Myhro

Comment: "Extremely pleased with specimen purchased as well as packaging & description." D. Graham

Comment: "Gorgeous! Thanks for fast shipping & the cushioned packaging. I know it was a fragile piece." Melanie

Comment: "My first purchase and I am very pleased. Great personal customer service and the minerals were just as described and photographed. Thanks so much!" RG

Comment: "Hello John: I received all the specimens and I’d like to let you know that all is well. I’d like to thank you for having the skills to acquire these specimens from around the globe, for your prompt and efficient sending of these, and your courtesy and pride in customer service. Put all together, you certainly are exceptional. Thanks, take care and Merry Christmas" John C.

Comment: "Just received the minerals! Quick delivery, nice packing, and really nice specimens! Thanks for all," Jocelyn in France

Comment: "Dear Mr. Betts, Just a note to tell you how happy I am with this specimen!! Quite a sizable piece for the price, SUPER FAST DELIVERY....THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" Robert P. A.

Comment: "Just a few lines to tell you the parcel arrived last week in perfect condition, as usual Thanks for the care you take for wrapping minerals: I never received damaged minerals from you! You could give "packaging lessons" to some of your european colleagues!!! As expected I like the minerals! I didn't knew that one could find nice glass clear (sizeable) apophyllites out of India! Best regards" Jacques in France

Comment: "I just made my first purchase from John Betts Fine Minerals. The malachite piece I ordered was very well represented in the photo on the web site. I am very pleased with my purchase. Delivery was prompt."

Comment: "Great specimen. Description & photo was exact. Price was good. Packaging was perfect. Great mineral dealer . I hope to buy more great pieces. Thanks."  Terry E.

Comment: "I received our minerals today and I am absolutely thrilled with the specimens. I set them up in my office to see how they looked together and everyone that walks by is just drawn to them. That's exactly the kind of reaction I was looking for! I know they will be a huge hit with our clients at the upcoming tradeshow. Thank you so much for your help and guidance with my purchase." Amanda

Comment: "I am so happy with my purchase. Its exactly what i wanted. Not only that, but the shipping was incredibly fast and the packaging left all contents unharmed. Also the advice for lighting of my collection has been very helpful as well. Pleasure doing business." James F.

Comment: "Very beautiful mineral. Fast shipped. I recommend Mr.Betts shop because of quality, price and professional service." S. Gassenmann in Germany

Comment: "Fine mineral specimen at a quite reasonable price. John always has items worth looking at. His photography is both accurate and honest. A real asset to the mineral community." J. Glover

Comment: "Wonderful specimen shipped quickly and arrived in excellent shape. Absolutely gorgeous under the microscope. Beautiful crystals and great color contrast. Thanks." E. Hutchinson

Comment: "very nice item...good service...nice doing business with you !!certainly until later !!many thanks !!" Dave B.

Comment: "Two more beautiful minerals. Great seller. Fast service. Excellent shipping. Recommend Mr Betts to all interested in quality minerals of any size." Carol C.

Comment: "Compliments on your definitive article on NYC minerals--well researched, very thorough. A keeper!" T. Withington

Comment: "Quick, effective, and more important, professional service. I usually don't buy online but John Betts is one of the very few dealers I trust." Gerard M.

Comment: "Mr Betts excellent minerals & great service keeps me coming back for MORE!!!" Carol C.

Comment: "Nice specimen (Opal from Ireland). Price OK. and service is great!" Eberhard Klein

Comment: "Dear Mr. Betts, Received the gold nugget the other day in the most prompt and professional manner. Thanks for the mineral and for an outstanding website." W. Ziegler

Comment: "I received the emerald today. It is a very nice crystal! Superb service and fast shipment to Germany. Thank You! " Guido

Comment: "John--Got it--totally happy; impeccable service, stone as described, fast service. I appreciate your professionalism." Otto P.

Comment: "Thank you so much, John, for the four exquisite specimens you recently sent me. The Michigan copper is very aesthetic and sculptural, the ruby in zoisite is rare in both size and quality - an exceptional crystal! The golden selenite from Oxford, England is one-of-a-kind for its aesthetics, its pedigree, and its locality. And, the galena with ruby sphalerite crystals on chert matrix is one I've been looking for since I was a kid (not kidding!) because of its size, fineness of crystallization, pedigree and all-around  appearance. When I opened your package, I felt I had just discovered a treasure trove of ancient and beautiful minerals...Arrived on my birthday, too! Thanks so much; your taste in selection of fine mineral specimens is unquestionably first-rate!" M. Berger

Comment: "Received my first order today. Prompt delivery and was packed by a pro. Specimen was better than the photo. Looking forward to further business with yourfirm." Keith

Comment: "Specimen well received. Thanks and besides very nice mineral specimen also good service." Jan C.

Comment: "Just received my second order of 3 mineral samples from you and they arrived in U.K. in only 4 days, faster even than my first order. Well wrapped and the crystals on them are magnificent under magnification, macroscopically they are colourful and aesthetic. The haematite with gold rutile needles is quite "futuristic" in appearance. Once again very pleased." R Stuart

Comment: "The Raymond grossular arrived in fine shape and is a most welcome specimen to my collection. Excellent packing and directions on where to find the label. THANKS !!!" D. Leavitt

Comment: "My order of Kyanite in quartz arrived today, this is very prompt as we live in the U.K. and is better than our own services. The specimen is gorgeous and every bit as good as shown in the photograph. I am impressed with the quality of your service. Thank you very much" R. Stuart

Comment: "Good service! I'm happy with this specimen that Iwas serching for, it's clean and nice, thanks!" jordi

Comment: "I received the gold specimen this Saturday. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm very pleased with it and my girlfriend was also stoked!!! I just want let you know you have the best mineral page I've found on the net. Besides having some gorgeous, well kept minerals, you site is well organized and easy to navigate. Hope to do business in the future with you. P.S. congrats on twenty years." Sincerely, Scott S.

Comment: "Comment: your mineral arrived today. its in great condition. The whole transaction was very quick and easy. a very great seller. would like to buy again in the future."

Comment: "I received my order today and am very happy. The specimen I ordered is fragile, and the wrapping and packaging protected it completely. I choose John Betts for aesthetic specimens and descriptive labels."

Comment: "Your promptness and courtesy in taking and sending my order was extremely impressive. Generally, there are delays and unforeseen problems when ordering. Not this time! Thank you very much!" V. Hansen

Comment: "Thank you for #42925 boleite which crossed the Atlantic in 4 days! Although a micro, an impressive specimen which came up to expectations. (I have already attempted a photo with macro lens which I will send for your possible interest.)" J. Weightman

Comment: "John...My Quartz Crystal arrived today in perfect is absolutely breathtaking...thank you for taking the time and care to ship it securely to me. It will be a "treasured" item." Joan P Green

Comment: "I always got good stuff from John: minerals are accurately described (although one or two further pics would be useful) and -as far as I know- fairly priced. And NO problem at all when shipped overseas (to France): packaging is always"top professional"Don't forget -it's free- to read "Journal of Weekly Commentaries - John Betts'Mineral Blog": it is full of useful advices, and you'll save money in learning howto buy minerals on the net!" Jacques M. in France

Comment: "Your minerals arrived today in great condition!! By far Mr betts you have the best mineral specimens at the best prices i have ever seen. No one can compare to your selection, prices, presentation, and sheer dedication to customer satifaction. My fiance warned me that buying online is a bad idea but after seeing your excelent photos and comparing them to the actual thing she is a firm believer in your fine website. I hope you stay around for many more years. I lookforward to buying fine specimens from you for years.  Thanks so much Mr. betts your shop representes the fine spirit of the USA." AM3 P. S. Hargitt United States Navy

Comment: "Excellent dealer, article in perfect conditions, rapid sending and perfect packing. Thank you very much" Joan Abella i Creus (Spain)

Comment: "Excellent and very professional service. Everything you would hope for from an online provider of quality mineral specimens." Dr M. P. Coles

Comment: "He recibido mi ultima compra (Topacio,Utah).El ejemplar es excelente y el precio muy razonable.He quedado muy satisfecho. Thanks very much." Carlos

Comment: "Great products, great service, great vendor! The small, fancy yellow diamond I purchased exhibited orange fluorescence when stimulated with a green laser. Wow!" Gerry Francisco

Comment: "Buying diamonds over the web was not something I was initially very comfortable about but the description of the diamond crystals on the site and the help and information John Betts gave me was excellent. The whole transaction was very quick and easy and I am delighted with the stones now that they have arrived. " David WardComment: "Fantastic uranophane barite specimen from Grants County, NM. Barite is the ultra rare radiobarite, worth at least ten times the price I paid. Highly recommended. Thanks," Neil

Comment: "Specimen arrived quickly and undamaged. It was acurately described and met my expectations. I am pleased with my purchase." W. Moats

Comment: "I got Imperial Topaz from you yesterday. The delivery to Japan was very fast, and the package was very good. The topaz was not as redish as the photo shows but it was sufficiently good one. I am satisfied. Thank you. " Y.K.

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Comment: "Thank You very much for the minerals, I just received them today! Everything was beautiful, I especially loved the large flourite #12473 & the Amethyst Plate #10882. The colors and forms were just what I was hoping for in person. I would definately like to compliment you on the quality of your web site & how you conduct your business. All of it so far has been very well done, and the mineral photos are especially well done. They look like high fashion photography showing off the best features. I look forward to seeing all the new items that come in!" Sincerely, Jackie

Comment: "Good price - quick delivery" Allen

Comment: "This is a wonderful website! I've been here for 45 minutes now, and there is still so much to see. . .Thank you for the time you've spent creating this site and giving me such lovely images of your mineral collection!" Jenny Rothkopf

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Comment: "One of the best websites I have seen. Jeff Scovil told me about you & your article in Rocks & Minerals (VERY GOOD)" Brander Robinson

Comment: "My first delivery was received within 1 week after I ordered. USA to Israel package goes faster then the internal post. The stones are beautiful even more then on the photos." Louis

Comment: "Just wanted to let you know my mineral specimen of Natrolite arrived today in excellent condition. Beautiful. Thanks." Sandy G.

Comment: "I received the rutile from Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, yesterday. It arrived safe and sound. I had to gather up my socks after I unwrapped it though. It is a superb rutile twin from this classic eastern U.S. locality. Thanks for sending it to me." G.G.

Comment: "Stilbite from NJ arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It’s a great specimen thank you very much. Best Regards from Portugal." Ricardo P.

Comment: "Thank you for your delivery of Mineral Samples 20521 and 20514 which arrived safely today. I am very impressed by your website and the level of service. I'll be back!" A. Kennedy

Comment: "The minerals arrived fine and well wrapped. They are both excellent - the fluorapophyllite is a nice addition to my collection from Guanajuato and the spessartine is way better, and larger, than average. I am sorry i missed out on the LARGE Mexican garnet! Saludos," Steve

Comment: "Thanks, John, for the fast service. The scapolite crystal, in particular, was really nice - even better than your picture." Gene W.

Comment: "Efficient and pleasant service. A good example of "what you saw is what you get" (wysiwyg)." J. Kol

Comment: "The two items I ordered - Corundum var. Ruby, nos. 21606 & 21637 - arrived safe and sound on Saturday, July 5th. Both specimens were magnificent. Thanks again." Paul S.

Comment: "The crystals arrived yesterday afternoon. They are just beautiful and I am very happy with them and with your service. I was also rather smugly pleased to show them to a friend who felt I was taking a risk buying them based on a web photo. She had to admit that there was no dissembling in the pictures and that the crystals looked just as splendid in person as they had on the web. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Very truly yours -" Robbyn K.

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Comment: "I received the rutile from Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, yesterday. It arrived safe and sound. I had to gather up my socks after I unwrapped it. It is a superb rutile twin from this classic eastern U.S. locality. Thanks for sending it to me. Sincerely," Grant G.

Comment: "John, Thanks for the fine "antique" 1843 Brazilian Agate - contoured  polished specimen. Enough black coloration in pattern to place in the black agate category. Always have received top quality specimens from your extensive inventory. A pleasure viewing your fine photos - excellent representation and  presentation." L. R. Kabat

Comment: "Mr. Betts your crystals are fantastic; the aquamarine I recently purchased was not only at my door before I knew it but was packaged wonderfully.  I'll be back." Mr. Shaw

Comment: "My first Betts' order arrived yesterday and I sincerely wish you could have been a fly on the wall.

Comment: First, having transacted a great deal of Internet mineral purchasing, I can say,  without a doubt, your love of collecting showed in the very way you had the specimen packaged. I have grown so used to rolled paper towel as "protection"  that seeing the way you had the Agate packed, I knew before laying eyes on it,  it would be intact.

Second, the letter you enclosed expressed genuine concern that I not only be pleased with my purchase, but, that the mineral arrive undamaged. Both  sentiments were greatly appreciated,

And, finally, our language fails me so that I doubt I can fully express my  utter delight when I saw, in person, the lovely little Quartz. I could sense its wonderful "antiquity" and feel all the human history that came  together in that one little stone; and I immediately knew this was the particular specimen that I had long awaited to add to my collection.

With this one, small purchase, I do believe you have opened the door to a  lifetime of collecting happiness and I look forward to many more personal acquisitions of Betts Fine Minerals - a name that truly says it all!" J. Moore

Comment: "Quality specimen from a Classic locality. Mr.Betts has proven to be a very reliable and responsive dealer. My experience here has been nothing but positive! Many thanks!" M.Heintzelman

Comment: "In an e-mail confirming availability, you noted my purchase of #21952 - Calcite with Pyrite a bargain. Well, now having seen the mineral in person, I must contest ... bargain indeed#@! - more like an absolute treasure! - it is so very otherworldly - so beautiful, I can hardly take my eyes off it! Thank you!

I am supposed to be the all grown-up-executive-type but I must say, the longest, hardest day I have ever had at work was yesterday! After picking the package from the Post Office and then, having to wait until the end-of-day to go home and open it! - my behavior was more like that of a kid the night before Christmas!

That "kid" action continued as I opened each specimen, and once again, your careful packaging was worth your effort inasmuch as even the little, delicate, crystal tuffs on the Millerite made it here unscathed! Thank you!

The "pedigree" Dolomite on Quartz is giving that awesome sense of antiquity - that certain knowing that thousands of human eyes have taken in its beauty and wonder, and now, it is here, in my home ... well, this is quite humbling, to say the least.

Okay, then, I have said enough - just want to add one more Thank You. I do so look forward to the day when out meeting will be more memorable for you than what we had in Springfield. Only time will tell if this is to come to fruition. Take care, and thank you one more time for the tremendous joy you put into the box!" Joyce M.

Comment: "I received my mineral order this morning! Thank you so much for the thorough, prompt service that I received - I am very satisfied with my specimen, your very impressive web-site, and your unique, professional style of doing business! Thank you again - I look forward to continuing to use your website for my future mineral viewing and purchasing." Robert Yturralde

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Comment: "John, I today received your latest shipment. I am very pleased with all three pieces, but I am absolutely thrilled with the Tilly Foster, Chondrodite. You were right again - the piece is much better than could be appreciated from the photo. Indeed, I was very pleased and surprised to see just how good it really is. Thanks." George

Comment: "The first time I visited this site, I was impressed by the quality of the photos and specimens. But what I liked the most, was to have those same specimens I've chosen, at home, across the world, in a matter of days. Keep up the good work!" R. Lino, Italy

Comment: "I purchased a cinnabar on dolomite that was exactly as pictured. John shipped it by Priority Mail and it arrived in 2 days from NYC! It was EXTREMELY well wrapped. I am very impressed with the service and the web site. I printed out his article on "Digital Mineral Photography", but have yet to read all of it. What I have read is outstanding information." R. W. Neithamer

Comment: "John, The monazite arrived yesterday. It's a great piece, looks even better in person! Thanks for the speedy delivery." Josh from FL.

Comment: "The specimen arrived promptly, safely and as represented. I am exceedingly pleased with my entire experience with your company. The site is terrific, the prices seem fair and the service was excellent. I will be happy to do further business with you. I'm also looking forward to seeing your display in Stamford in two weeks or so. Thank you." M.B.

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Comment: "The Galena crystal has arrived safely. I was looking at the low relief crystal pattern on the main faces, and it looks better first hand than the photographs were able to capture. Thank you." Lance A.

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Comment: "The Tsumeb cerussite sixling, #14524, arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It is an especially nice specimen! Take care; I hope your neck is recovering nicely." Jeff

Comment: "Analcime specimen #13616 arrived in good shape several days ago. It is just as I expected it to be based on the photo and description, so I am fully satisfied. Thanks. I like your site and expect to be ordering from you in the future. Unfortunately my resources are slim, so my orders will be smaller and less frequent than I might wish." J. Murray

Comment: "Just wanted to let you know that our order was received on Saturday. All items were undamaged, and we're very pleased with the specimens! (We really enjoy some of the pieces from old collections, and it's always fun to add a new species to our list.) We also appreciate your excellent packaging, especially since we just received an order from another dealer where the specimen was rattling around loose in its little plastic box and had lost two or three small crystals. We look forward to doing business with you again. Regards," E. Lowman

Comment: "John - Thanks for the nice package of 6 beautiful specimens that arrived Saturday. All were expertly packaged and in pristine condition. I was especially impressed with the swiftness with which they arrived upon my order being placed. I would definitely recommend your materials to anyone. Best Wishes for the Holidays." G.Stacy

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Comment: "Good Evening John: I just wanted to let you know that I got the peridot and the corundum. The peridot is a beautiful specimen. You mentioned in your ad that corundum was the largest you ever had .Well, YOU WERE RIGHT!!! That stone is big enough to name. It's a beauty. It's been good doing business with you and I am looking forward to the other orders I placed with you. I like the fact that, when you sell a specimen, you promptly take it off the net. I like that. It leaves no room for doubt or mistakes. Keep up the good work. Thanks again." Roberta

Comment: "Thanks John; The specimen of Oppu Rhodochrosite arrived yesterday, beautifully cared for and a great plus was the painstaking care given to the old time labels from the Ito Collection and from Ward's, not to mention you own label. Having taught history for 30 years I really appreciate that. Best Wishes" G. Stacy

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Comment: "My first order via John Betts, likely not my last. The photos are close to what the minerals look like in real. They arrived well packed. Excellent web site!" R.Carr, NWT, Canada

Comment: "I am an avid collector, before moving to LA I spent so much time at Eggers Lapidary in Golden Colorado, that the owner became my best friend and I worked there. Since moving to LA I have been in withdrawal. Bored out of my skull, and felt cut off from the world that I loved so much. That is no longer true thanks to your Web Site. It is the best site I have found on the web in any category. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate every aspect of of your site! I am learning and growing, and since Photography is also a major interest. I really appreciate the excellent Photos. Now I can be happy living here. That sure makes life a lot more fun." Carolyn Price

Comment: "Outstanding!!!! The item I purchased came in quick and exceptionally well packaged. The crystal far exceeded my expectations. As a rule, I do not shop for crystals on line, but for John Betts' website I will make the exception. Thank you Mr. Betts, it is obvious that you care. It has been a pleasure."  R. Vincent

Comment: "The cerussite from Tsumeb (#12505) arrived in good condition. I was especially impressed with the excellent wrapping job. Price and quality more than lived up to my expectation's. This specimen will find a good home in my collection. Thank you." C. B.  - Plymouth, Mn.

Comment: "Specimen received was exactly as shown on website photo. Packaging was excellent and is how I would wrap my own specimens." Paul Y.

Comment: "Thank you so much for sending our order so promptly and safely. We received the mineral today and my husband is thrilled! He is quite happy with the quality and there was no damage from shipping. Thanks for the kind letter - we were more than satisfied with the order processing - everything was quite easy and your quick response was much appreciated. Hope you enjoy your weekend and thanks again:-) Sincerely, Andreas & Eva P."

Comment: "I am preparing a list of "Gemstones for Sale" sites for a Dutch magazine, with the occasional side trip to an interesting mineral site. I have seen approx. 1000 websites the last two weeks. This is what I wrote about John Betts Fine Minerals site: "Without doubt one of the most beautiful websites on the entire Internet." I think that should do!" Bill M.

Comment: "Hi John, I got your shipment. Thank you, that was very quick. I love all 3 crystals. Your Web site is good too, much more professional looking than most, and the pictures are nice and big and detailed. Regards," Sophie

Comment: "I only ordered my stone 2 days ago and I already have received it! Just as pictured, very nice! Thank you for your excellent service and selection!" J. Nickerson

Comment: "Received my first pieces and was very satisfied with them and the speed and efficiency of the transaction. Looking forward to ordering more pieces. "Harlow H.

Comment: "Hi John. I received  the hemimorphite specimen here in UK, all ok, very satisfied with all aspects, as my first order from you. Will be ordering again when the right specimens comes along." Steve R.

Comment: "Thanks for the pieces, John! These are choice and fine specimens. The pseudomorphs are scientifically interesting and regard historical pieces like the cuprit from Chessy, minerals that already in the first of the 1800's here from we were known with the term of "ziguelina" and were appreciated in that time for the superficial alteration in copper and for the perfect crystallographic forms. I have of these already many, but I think that is not never enough. The prehnite after anhydrite, appreciated piece of your collection, is also aesthetic. The aegirine with parisite is a great and rich piece. Also smithsonite from Tsumeb is good and very important: this confirm that you are really a specialist of Tsumeb. My satisfaction is total!" Simone C., Italy

Comment: "One of the best on the net." wldwon

Comment: "Just received a gorgeous little specimen from John Betts. He was very communicative and good to work with. Delighted!" E. Mars

Comment: "The Tremolite var Hexagonite piece arrived today. That is a beautiful specimen; a real pleasure for the eyes and worth every penny." Carol C. Pittsburgh, PA.

Comment: "Thank you for the Azurite. It arrived Thur, 25 April. I am very pleased with it. The first class mail service was very fast. The price was very reasonable." Jim N.

Comment: "Minerals arrived today, Saturday 20th April. I am very pleased with them and feel that the photos on the website are a very realistic representation of the samples. I have no complaints whatever, but then having met you at shows in the U.S. and bought samples from you then, I was expecting and got good quality this time too. I look forward to making many more orders in the future and also meeting up again at Springfield in August. Very best wishes," Dennis

Comment: "Wow... I've never seen so many pretty minerals, in my whole life. I'm a junior collector my-self, I mainly collect hematite and geodes but all minerals are accepted into my collection. I am very pleased with your collection." Cheyenne M.

Comment: "Great website, great service, great prices. John is a true professional and it was a pleasure to purchase from him." Lisa A.

Comment: "Love your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chris R.

Comment: "While I lack the knowledge and experience to comment on price and quality [except that John's gotten half of my mineral business on the web], the service was excellent [very prompt, with totally professional packaging], the website is a visual feast with incredible photos, and the functionality of the site is the best I've seen. Nonetheless, I have a suggestion: ordering info should be entered automatically in the order form, by the click of an 'Order' button, rather than requiring transcription [of potentially lots of data] by the customer! Overall, a top-notch operation." Bruce S.

Comment: "Dear Mr. Betts,"

"My mineral specimen arrived safely a few days ago, and I would like to thank you for your fast response to my order. I couldn't believe it when the mineral arrived - in Japan, too! - just a few days after I placed the order! I don't know how often you handle international orders, but you do a very good job, I think."

"I am also very pleased with the quality of the mineral. I've been checking up on your web site for quite some time, waiting for the right mineral to appear. I'm a novice collector, (interested in garnets, especially floaters), and am looking forward to future garnets that you post on your web site."

"Thank you again, for your quick response to the order."

"Sincerely, M. Kobayashi"

Comment: "John- Thanks for the 4 specimens I received in the mail today. I actually think that each one was even better than pictured. The coloration of the Cobaltian Dolomite was definitely superior to the view shown by my computer! Each arrived in pristine condition ... as always, expertly packaged and labeled accurately. Keep up the great work. " G. Stacy

Comment: "I found this site a year ago, and since then I have made it one of our geology department's supply for outstanding teaching specimens for mineralogy and ore deposits. It is truly difficult to obtain type locality specimens of high quality without spending a small fortune. I am grateful to John Betts - Fine Minerals for making this possible. Samples always arrive at my doorstep within 72 hours of purchase, and they are always in perfect condition, just as advertised. Keep doing what you do, this site is great." J.Hanley, Dept. of Geology, U of T., Canada

Comment: "Fantastic website, and some of the most beautiful specimens I have ever seen, in my 19 years of collecting. Fantastic photographs and good background information also, but I feel some of the prices are a little excessive. I live in Britain however, so maybe in the US mineral specimens are worth more. This site is a God send. Good Job!" J. Williamson

Comment: "Breathtakingly wonderful site to look at! Real eye candy! Glad to have come across this site!" Dave Harris

Comment: "Very easy transaction. Thanks for the great morganite, it was better than the photo suggested. This is definitely the place to shop for minerals. I recommend the weekly new listing list." Alan B.

Comment: "I received item 18025 (Linarite on Fluorite, Barite from Royal Flush Mine, Hansonburg District, Socorro County, New Mexico) today. Truely, the photograph on the web doesn't due the specimen justice! And this was not the most vivid piece. The package was very well packed which shows attention to quality." D.Parker

Comment: "John - The Mimetite specimen arrived today, expertly packed and completely undamaged. The quality is superb and, if anything, even better than I expected. You have a very professional, informative and attractive Website. I heartily recommend it and will certainly be back for more purchases." B. Logan

Comment: "Beautiful piece of Wulfenite and unique way to ship it (packed in soap powder)! Minerals are top of the line and shipment is fast and reliable. You will not be disappointed with your purchases." ladygotrocks

Comment: "Hi John, I just received my first order. Thanks for the super fast shipping. Your site is great, will be placing more orders in the future. Thanks again!" Ted G.

Comment: "During my recent trip to Maine and New Hampshire, many mineral dealers and collectors had good things to say about you. You seem to have quite a reputation!" Steve H.

Comment: "John, thanks so much, my order arrived very quickly and all specimens from Lazulite to a superb Vanadinite were expertly packed. The specimens exceeded my expectations - I will be back for more !"  Mary M.

Comment: "My first purchase, just recently, was recieved and I was completely impressed with the care and the extra touch that went in to the packaging before shipping. The two pieces that I recieved were exactly as seen on your website, and in very good condition when I opened them. I liked the fact they were wrapped separately and well protected in the box they arrived in. I was also impressed with the quick delivery, as I was most anxious to see and hold them in real life! I know that I am going to be a returning customer for future purchases of specimens to enhance, and broaden my own personal collection. If I were to rate the service and quality of J. Betts' online ordering, I would give this the highest score!" K. Thomas

Comment: "Mr. Betts: This is my first purchase from you, a fine rutile piece, and I want to express my satisfaction in every way with my purchase. The specimen is beautiful, more beautiful than I had expected. Both in regular viewing as well as in using light and magnification the piece stands out as pure quality. This is definitely the start of an ongoing association. Your prices are so reasonable that it will be possible to own many of the pieces you display. Their selection shows great taste. As a macro photographer, I can't wait to turn my lens on this piece. Enough. I think you get the idea. Buying rocks gives me a high and this one makes me very high indeed."

Comment: "One of the best online merchants that I have ever ordered from. The product I ordered is of good quality. The service is excellent!" Ross K.

Comment: "Dealing with John for the first time has been a good experience with rapid communication and a well packed specimen. Illustrating the specimens with good photographs is essential and much appreciated. I look forward to purchasing suitable specimens for my collection in the future." Dr. M. Roberts

Comment: "I got my rocks this morning - superb. Nice to see that the very specimen I get is featured on website (your pics have veritably conquered that site!) Thanks for that - I guess I'll be back for more!" Dave H.

Comment: "I received your parcel last night..(smokey quartz geode) ordered Sept.25th. Thank you so very much.....I love it!!!!" Barbara S.

Comment: "During a Google search for information on Kreg Skully, we found Mr. Betts' site. I was blown away! I may NEVER complete looking through all the information on here. What a fantastic place. I placed a small order and it arrived quickly and well packaged. Can't thank Mr. Betts enough. The best I can do is assure you that YOU will be satisfied should you decide to place an order or request information......." Pat Maphis

Comment: "Terrific transaction! John is courteous, prompt, and has a wonderful selection of high-quality minerals. It is a pleasure to do business with him. Highly recommended." G. Scott Phillips

Comment: "Recently my husband purchased a diamond crystal from you that I had chosen from your website. Mr. Betts, I can't find the words to tell you how enraptured I am with my specimen #23393! There have been times when I use my loupe and lose myself in it for twenty minutes or so at a time (and it's about 5.5 mm square!) Thank you so much for your quality website and service. I hope to be able to acquire many more of your specimens in the future. (After successfully financing a trip to Vancouver with my son to celebrate his university graduation!) Thank you so much for everything. You have exceeded my expectations in every way." Nora Lee F.

Comment: "A wonderful specimen that was finely mounted and waaaay fast shipping - excellent work John!" C. Larsen

Comment: "John is for me great! instructional website, beautiful specimens,reasonable prices and personal treatment. What more do you want ? I want 1 page more every week!"Louis A. in Israel

Comment: "I just received my first order from Mr. Betts. I have enjoyed them greatly, and will be a customer again. " Tim

Comment: "I received my order within days. Thanks, John, for excellent diamond crystals and excellent service." D.K.

Comment: "Comment: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WEB SITE. I designed my own web site, and I like the straight forward simpleness of yours. That is what I was going for on mine (although yours look MUCH MORE SLICK AND PROFESSIONAL), not the mish-mash of stuff all over in several columns. I love your pictures too! All I can say is WOW how refreshing in a web-sea of a few chosen templates that most site model themselves after." L. Foltyn

Comment: "Thanks once again for the speedy service. The diamond I purchased arrived in perfect condition and I am very pleased. It is a very fine specimen and I finally have the entire Moh's hardness scale for teaching purposes. Take care and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future." M. Ferguson

Comment: "Outstanding customer service! Very easy to talk with. " C.Ginkel

Comment: "I have ordered over $2000 dollars worth of crystals and minerals with over 30 different types from John Betts. I have checked all the other sites and none compared to the quality and guarantee that John has. I have asked him over 2 dozen questions a day and he answered them the next day. I am very happy with the crystals I have received so far. The pictures that are taken of the items do no justice. I almost didn't get the calcite var. butterfly twin because it looked dull, but when I received them I was amazed by the quality and color. John is a business man as well as an educator. He has worked with me to get my order filled extremely fast because I wanted them before my sons Christening. I know this sounds like a paid advertisement but this is my experience. Thanks John. I am extremely happy." John H.

Comment: "Just received my second order. The specimens took my breath away; the photographs capture just a hint of the beauty of the stones. I have become, after just two purchases, a permanent customer."

Comment: "A fine place indeed to do business with. The mineral I ordered was received quickly and well protected from damage. Any questions you may have are immediately answered. I look forward to buying from John again!" Allen K. Oklahoma City

Comment: "Excellent service. Got the rocks quickly, they were well packed and arrived undamaged, and every bit as beautiful as the photos. Prices very reasonable, and John's very communicative, so it's easy to conduct business with him." J.B., Seattle

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Comment: "The specimen I purchased was shipped promptly and in excellent condition. Since I work with a vast array of unusual minerals and the transaction was quite smooth, I will most definitely continue to do business with John Betts - Fine Minerals." Carolynn G. L.-H.

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Comment: "Thanks, John, for the antique Perovskite. Your price was reasonable, packaging was great, specimen even better than it looked (and your photos are GOOD). Always a pleasure doing business with you." S. Murray

Comment: "Always wonderful specimens, real quick delivery (even to the UK) and of course, the most luscious mineral photos you have ever seen on the 'web! Thanks, John... I'll be back for more...and more...and more!" D. Harris

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Comment: "Although I have written a comment or two in the past I feel compelled to write once again. I received my specimen of siderite from the Old Sterling Iron Mine, in Antwerp, New York in the mail today, packed and beautifully cared for, as always. Your concern for the history i.e. old labels and the like always adds to the specimens. The history of minerals and mining is, I believe, too often overlooked by the general public. It adds much to the pieces that you sell that you preserve those items carefully. In addition, I was particularly taken by the speed by which with which you responded to my inquiry as to the original owner of the collection, providing background on his collecting, business and even where I might find a written article on the subject. Your sincere efforts and information were much appreciated and speak highly of your genuine interest and concern for the hobby and the science of mineralogy in general. With high regard ," G. Stacy

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(The comment above is proof that ALL comments are posted that are submitted. In this case, I believe it was submitted by a customer that reserved minerals and promised to send payment. When the payment never arrived the order was canceled. You can't please everyone... J. Betts)

Comment: "My order of calcite arrived Monday in excellent shape. I am very pleased  with the quality of the stone as well as your attentive and prompt service. I look forward to ordering more stones from you in the future. Thank you very much." Germaine E.

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Comment: "My first consignment from you arrived safe and sound this morning. I'm very impressed with the samples themselves, the efficiency of the service and the method of packing. The latter provided both an element of excitement and humour since it reminded me of the anticipation an archaeologist must have when unravelling an Egyptian mummy! When I placed the order I took the liberty of printing off your info page for each mineral as I wasn't sure what would be provided with the sample. The label is great but some of the background info which adds context to the specimen would otherwise be lost to the customer when the page is removed from your site following the sale. Thanks again and look forward to doing further business with you in the near future." Derek

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Comment: "Thank you for sending the malachite after azurite pseudomorph specimen from Tsumeb (#5839) to me. It is a very good specimen for the price and the locality. It has found a good home and will be placed in the Tsumeb suite of miniature specimens." G.G.

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Comment: "I received the Elbaite and Quartz specimen yesterday [Saturday] in excellent condition. I am impressed with the speed with which you filled the order; I sent an email requesting the specimen on Tuesday, and it arrived on Saturday!" W.B.

Comment: The mineral pictures aren't too bad on the black background on the your web pages--the black is not as good a background as the gray was, but it is ok. However the text on black background is really hard on the eyes. Ideally you should switch background for any large blocks of text, such as the articles you offer. The only alternative to that I can think of is to make the white text font heavier and larger to help overcome the difficulty of reading on dim letters on black. (Note: Did you know the size of the text that you see is not what others may see? The text displayed by your browser is set by your browser! You can change it at any time. In Netscape 4.x go to the top line under "View" and select "Increase Font". In MS Internet Explorer look under "View", then click "Fonts", then select a larger size. For AOL 4.0 log onto AOL, go to "My AOL", click on "Preferences", click "WWW", under the "General" tab click on "Fonts " near the bottom, click on "Font Size" to change the default. Most people will adjust this once to their needs and never touch it again. It is customizeable because different monitors handle text differently. Good luck... J.B.)

Comment: "I find it disconcerting that you don't tell us which specimens are sold. I rarely bother to look at any old postings because I assume the specimens are sold, even though you haven't marked them as such." (Note: All sold minerals are removed as soon as possible. I do not keep sold minerals on my site, unlike other Internet dealers, because it slows page loading. Many users have complained that they would like to see what sold, but I can't sacrifice loading time for that minority. This won't prevent you from requesting a sold mineral though, it is not uncommon to receive 4 requests for the same specimen on the same day! J. B.)

Comment: "Attractive specimens at reasonable prices! It's great to see some classic Eastern specimens and really appreciate the attention given to documenting specimen ownership and history. Also enjoy seeing recycled specimens from old and not-so-old collections. Articles, specimen format, photos and regular updates keep me coming back. My greatest regret is that I haven't collected the traprock quarries of the East!!" Dana S. Slaughter

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Comment:  "This is just fan-mail. I posted already twice an announcement in our monthly magazine "Geonieuws", read by about 450 collectors here in Belgium, because your site is one of the most didactical sites created by private persons on the web in this field. Congratulations ! Best regards, and good luck further on with your website." Rik Dillen

Comment: "I've been a satisfied customer for about 2 years now. Posting of new material every week - on schedule & as promised - sets a standard I haven't seen any other internet dealers achieve. Add that to the informative articles, clear and accurate presentation, and, best of all - high quality specimens with stories and pedigrees, at reasonable prices - and this site should continue to be a regular stop for mineral enthusiasts." Kelly Nash

Comment: "I just purchased my first "real" gem from John's site. It arrived and it looks much better outside in the light than I ever hoped it would just from the photo online. I'll be checking his site out first from now on when I'm searching for that new wonderful stone to set my collection apart. Thanks for the chance to purchase a unique and classic tourmaline."

Comment: "Just a note of appreciation for a truly useful and well designed web site. I am a science teacher from Minden Nevada (near Carson City). I am most interested in the Earth Sciences and have collected mineral specimens (thumb nails) since I was a boy. I have never found a more complete reference site for minerals on the web. My students use the site like a field guide when identifying minerals. It is especially helpful because we can not afford to put a field guide in every students hands but we have internet access and your site works just as well. Students can even work on labs at home using their own computer. Thanks again for all the work that went into designing and maintaining the site. "Mark Olsen

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Comment: "John, the diamond in matrix arrived safely. That is a type of specimen I thought I would never own." Thanks, Dan.

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Comment: "The package arrived half hour ago. The first thing I thought was 'gads that was fast'. Second thing noticed is the way you described the items on the green postal receipt therefore waltzing right by customs and govenment admin. This has got to be the first time I have ordered crystal or mineral items without paying a phenomenally outrageous fee at my doorstep. I couldn't be happier with that part. The two specimens are in great shape; no damage whatsoever. The morion point is the most perfect point I have purchased in that catagory. Thrill is an understatement. I have two others from Switzerland which I purchased from an Italian dealer. Both look like they have been dropped from a great height. However, since I have found Morions - real morions - difficult to find here in Belgium or on line, I still appreciate them. The point purchased from you I consider a jackpot. The garnet is great; good, solid and nicely squared. A good natural piece. I hope this answers your question if I am pleased with the purchase. Yep. I am. Sincerely, and will deal with you in the future", B. Lewis. Belgium

Comment: "Just got the vanadinite open, good job on packing!! Only a crumb of matrix was lost to shipping. I'm quite happy with it, the luster and the sharpness of xls, as well as the contrast to the matrix really give this piece a quality collectors piece presence, in a size range I can deal with. My hats off to the photographer, the pix were accurate, he really captured the 3-d sharpness. I think its better in person though! Lighting from almost any angle makes the xls glow. The section of matrix with the largest xls on top could be easily cut off to make a fantastic TN, and leave xls on the remaining mini undamaged as well. But I like it this way for now! Need to get to work on the dioptase now. And thanks for fast delivery, was'nt expecting it yet so it made MY day! Now I have something to catalog! Anyway, chock up another happy customer, I'm really enjoyin this one, thanks! I'll let you know when I can send 1st payment on the diop. Have a great one!" Will

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Comment: "Another great specimen with great locality information and history to boot! Thanks." S. Bonney

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Comment: "I received the anglesite specimen. It's great. I trimmed just a bit from the back, and it now resides in my "boxbuster" thumbnail collection. Thanks" Ron

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Comment: "The purchase of an above average topaz specimen from you was a pleasure thanks to the good communication and professional follow-up. The specimen was packed extremely well and arrived fast and safely to Germany. Also, I found the price very reasonable given the high quality of the topaz crystal. The specimen will definitely make a very nice addition to my extensive collection." W. Weber

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Comment: "Comment: Thank you so much for the prompt delivery to Australia of "Desi" the Descloizite, it is a truly beautiful piece, I love it." R. Mahony

Comment: "Hi, John--My order for the above mineral came today. It is a really beautiful little specimen! It looks much nicer than the photo on your web site. I'm quite impressed! Thanks for your really great service." Tom

Comment: "I like your system, your fast delivery and your specimens. Thank you John Betts" M. Ates in Turkey

Comment: "I had never bought a mineral over the web before. And I'm not quite sure how it happened -- I was researching about crystals and found myself at John's web page. And right away looking at the picture of the Quartz Phantom I thought wow, that is really cool looking. And when I saw that it was only $28, I thought I'm going to take a chance. And then immediately after I had done it, I thought, You know what, I bet it's not going look at all like the photo. And then I saw that it as only 6 cm and I thought it would be like the stones that they sell at Pearl's right by the door, on the way out, when you have to buy a picture frame. But then I immediately got an email from John and he immediately put me at ease telling me up front if I wasn't completely satisfied with the specimen that he mailed I could send it back for a full refund. And then it was like two days later on Saturday when the doorman rang up and said their was a package in the lobby to pick up. I went down and took my sturdy little white box and I saw it was from John. I went up to my apartment and carefully opened it and unwrapped it fully expecting to be disappointed. Only to find that it was a whole lot better in person. The quartz phantom, which John told me was probably found by California gold miners in the 1890s is just such a knockout of a piece. I mean the way it is cut, the feel, the heft that it has to it, the way you can hold it up to light, just having it on my desk, moving it around every once in a while, I don't know there is just something to it. Gives me pleasure, makes me feel connected. I dig it. A great experience all the way around. I don't know who John i,s, but I do know that he really likes what he does, takes pride in his work, and it shows in the way that he handles himself. You don't have to spend a lot to get a one of kind piece which'll, as silly as it sounds, put a smile on your face, make you feel good, if you are so inclined to the wonders of the world." Ethan

Comment: "I received the minerals today. The grossular garnet and the vanadinite. They are a lot better than the picture showed. Just great." Strubler

Comment: "Very Quick delivery. Excellent communication. I love your site, easy to use. Excellent information on the minerals I bought and prices were very good. Thank you and I'll be back." Edward M.

Comment: "My cerussite snowflake has just safely arrived (well, it was a pretty long journey to central Europe) and made my day! Thank You, John, for customer-friendly attitude and for the way you keep bringing smile on our faces!" Beata in Poland

Comment: "I received the confirmed order, and all specimens were well packaged and arrived in excellent shape. Many thanks. My next order is on the way!" Marsha

Comment: "I just purchased my FIRST Mineral from your website and I am totally pleased with it! I have been collecting minerals since I was 7 years old, I am now 62. This specimen of Barrerite is the best that I have seen available for purchase in my 55 years of collecting. Not only is it a superb specimen, but it was packed professionally, and well labeled! Keep up the great work!!! I look forward to buying more from your site. THANK YOU!" Terrence Thompson

Comment: "My first buying from this dealer. The best gold crystals I have ever seen. And the price was very honest." Alberto P. in Italy

Comment: "Received my specimen today. As usual, John has provided a superior mineral in a very speedy and professional manner. Thank you."Ed in CA.

Comment: "I'm happy to say that the crystal I ordered was delivered within a week. It is very nice and will a great present. " JTdR from the Netherlands

Comment: "Good quality product, excellent efficient service." T. Mahadeo

Comment: "Received the Diamond in less than a week, the description and photos are very good. It might help to put one life/actual size photo on a mm ruler to show the true size to folks that can't visualize by text numbers. I plan to order more stones in future of a similar size & price range and will be a regular visitor to your site." Richard

Comment: "Your package of items purchased arrived quickly, extremely well packaged, and each one was CLEAN! The specimens were very well represented by your photographic process so I was not in any way surprised by them. Based on this first experience, I am looking forward to future purchases. Thank you." D. Barrett

Comment: "I received the hemimorphite and kyanite/staurolite today, and these stones ROCK. To top it off, I feel like I got great value for my money. Thanks again for so adeptly enabling my addict…collection!" Sheelin A.

Comment: "Thanks John- First time customer here and I could not be happier with my beautiful tourmaline slice. What a relief to see the item actually look as good in person as in the photograph. All the best, Joe" Joe H.

Comment: "I have been browsing internet gemstone web sites for more than 10 years and I have yet to see anything else that can even come close to yours. I just finished my first visit to your site and the only superlative that comes to mind is "absolutely superb". What a fantastic treat! You will definitely be hearing from me in the future. Best regards," David R., Yukon, Oklahoma

Comment: "Hi John, Specimen is in. Nice specimen for the money. Good example of typical light seagreen aqua most often seen before heat treatment. Thanks, John"

Comment: "Although I've picked up some of Mr. Betts' specimens at various mineral shows, this was my first, direct purchase. Mr. Betts provides wonderful initial and follow-up communications, gorgeous specimens, and a smile on my face when thinking and writing this message! This won't be my last purchase (God willing)! :-)" Kendall

Comment: "A truly stunning specimen. I have purchased several pieces from John Betts, and I have yet to be disappointed in any way, either with the speed of the delivery, the packaging or most importantly the sheer beauty of the specimens that he sends to us safely here in the UK. Once again, many, many thanks." Su Frost

Comment: "John, I received my Pyrite specimen today and it was beautiful! Thank you for your continued great service." Ed Myhro

Comment: "I am very well pleased by the Vanadinite specimen you have sent me. The packing was excellent and the specimen arrived undamaged. Thank you very much!" M. Campbell

Comment: "John, I received my Vanadinite on Barite today and it was even better than the picture. Fantastic is all I can say. Thanks," Ed Myhro

Comment: "The Mountain Leather piece is the most unique mineral combination I have ever seen. Thank you." Carol C in Pittsburgh, PA

Following are comments written about this site by the press and by visitors/customers:

Mineral News - February 1999

From the Editor

Getting mineral information wherever you can find it

"On occasion, when I become aware of a Web site that happens to catch my attention, I'll mention it here. Actually, this idea was inspired by a site I visited today. This is a site that I had visited on occasion in the past. However, I am not what people often call a Web Surfer. That is I do not spend hours just looking at sites on the Web, I only look at sites when looking for something or checking out a site that has been re-ported to be of interest in some way.

The site that caught my interest today was that authored by John Betts under the title of John Betts Fine Minerals. John is a subscriber to the Mineral News, and is a frequent poster of information on the rocks-and-fossils and rockhounds mailing lists. I commend him for the effort he puts into providing information and helping others.

Even though it is the site of a mineral dealer, the most obvious part of the site is that which provides information. I hadn't looked at it in a few months, and was surprised to see how the information section had been expanded. He has articles, many authored by himself, some authored by others, on cleaning minerals, obtaining locality information, etc. Much of the information is exactly what the beginner needs; and one part of that, which is the main part that caught my attention today is: Gem & Mineral Research, How to Get Answers to Our Questions.

This page links to other pages with information on where to look for information: books and magazines, Bureau of Mines MasMILS CD-ROM, internet links, USGS Geographic Name Server, Street Atlas USA, etc. There are pages on Cleaning Minerals, and more. The categories are: Mineral Collecting Localities, Reference, Your Collection, Humor, and Online Articles by Other Authors.

This is a site with a lot of information, especially for the beginner. There are other sites with information for the beginner as well as more advanced collector. When I get to it, I will mention some of them here. Some are dealer's pages and others are pages of interested and excited mineral collectors and rockhounds. Whereas most of the dealers' Web sites are there for the purpose of selling specimens, some dealers have the time and foresight to provide information."

Lanny Ream


Stalking the Web Mineral

by Andrew Alden - your Mining Co. guide to Geology

Dateline: 05/31/98

"Like everything else on the Web, the amount of material out there about minerals and mineralogy is staggering. So let me start out saying that the sites I'm mentioning in this week's feature are the barest introduction to the field—no, the fields. Because whatever you want to focus on—buying mineral specimens, finding your own in the field, identifying minerals, learning about their chemistry, stretching your brain with crystallography, researching the spiritual qualities of different minerals, looking up industrial facts, or just downloading pretty pictures—you will click your way into a dizzying supermarket of sites."

"For mouth-watering mineral pictures, you can't go wrong with Bob's Rock Shop. This site is packed with pages and links to the wider world of rockhounding, and if that's your hobby, then you could center your whole online life here. Many other sites, like John Betts's, are smaller but just as rewarding."

WBESR, May 16th Edition

"Be sure not to miss John Betts' "Mineral Galleries" home page. Although it is ostensibly a commercial website, it contains easily some of the most professionally executed and attractive photographs of minerals anywhere on the World Wide Web! The specimens change frequently (Come on! he's selling them, fercrisake! This is a "commercial site, after all!), but they're all beautiful and very good representatives of the individual mineral species. It's a good place to spruce up on recognizing the commonest minerals!"

Houston Chronicle

HOTLIST: ROCKS  (3/16/1999 )

"John Betts Fine Minerals - John Betts collects his own minerals in the field, writes about them for industry journals and sells them online. His articles cover everything from field trips to tips for the beginning collector."

Canadian Rockhound

"John Betts Fine Minerals Rated as a Top Site"
"This site features minerals from old collections, unusual locations, new discoveries, and classic localities. Includes articles, a mineral show calendar, a list of out-of-print books, and quality pictures of fine mineral specimens. A well-designed and informative site."

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