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#63899, Liroconite, Wheal Gorland, Gwennap, England (Type Locality for Liroconite) (SOLD)

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News and Comments

I am tired of people wining about Tucson! Quit your bitching and moaning.

You are correct, Tucson is not like the old days. Now minerals are much higher quality, with less damage, and better locality data.

Now that I have washed, boxed, cataloged, priced all of the minerals acquired on my recent buying trip to Tucson, I have reached the conclusion that this was my best buying trip EVER. Excellent minerals were available at truly wholesale prices. I drained my bank account completely. I wish all years were this good.

Sadly much of the Tucson shows is no longer wholesale. Many retail dealers set up at "wholesale" shows offering a 20% "wholesale" discount. That is not wholesale. Wholesale at a minimum is keystone (= 50% off retail). In the old days it was not uncommon to see double-keystone (25% off retail) or even triple-keystone (= 33% off retail).

But this year there was plenty of truly wholesale minerals available in Tucson and I made some great scores.

But there are always a vocal group out there writing commentaries complaining about prices. I'm tired of their wining. These are the same guys that still want to pay 50 cents for a cup of coffee and gasoline for 60 cents per gallon.  They are also the same guys that complain "there's no place to go collecting anymore" (take a look at the Northeastern Rockhounds group on Facebook to see what collectors are still finding). Everything was always better 20 years ago with these curmudgeons.

Buying minerals at a mineral show, whether wholesale or retail, is the same process as collecting on a huge mine dump from a closed mine. You must search through thousands of specimens to find the keepers. At a show, you must search everyone's inventory looking for fair prices and good quality.

Maybe becoming a complainer is a part of getting old. Nothing is as good as the old days. And they are going to tell anyone that will listen.

Pay no attention to them. Look for the fair prices -- you will find them.

John H. Betts 3/3/2015

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Customer Comments:

"Good Afternoon Mr. Betts, This morning I while I was walking my dog I was pleased to find that the mineral specimen arrived! I must say that I was extremely pleased with how fast it showed up, as well as the quality of packaging and care taken to ensure the mineral remained safe. Everything arrived as intended, and I cannot thank you enough for the lovely mineral; it's even more splendid in person and I am eager to display it. I also enjoyed the mineral's tag that provides all the information about it! Once again, thank you for everything, I can see myself buying more minerals from you in the future. Sincerely, " Ryan Z.

"John, the specimen arrived today and is gorgeous. Your photos were good, but they did not do it justice. I simply cannot fathom how you manage to run such a high quality business. Your specimens are always excellent, exactly as advertised, your prices are very reasonable, you get the specimens out to the buyers very quickly, and you do all the photography, finance, and warehouse and delivery stuff yourself. In addition, you have many other activities, as indicated by your website. Amazing." Bob

"Dear Mr. Betts, Thank you once again! I am probably not the greatest buyer you have. I am on a limited budget and shop only every now and then. But the thing is you have such an amazing inventory even in the lowest price range that i cannot find any thing better in terms of value for the quality of the samples, the accuracy of the item's description to the highest level of service you provide. It is a great pleasure each time and a long lasting satisfaction with each purchase. Thank you!" Jean L., Québec, Canada

"I am very happy with the delivery and packaging of my order. The detailed descriptions almost din't do justice to the specimens but were a great aid in selection. I am searching for a few things that used to feature in my previous collections perhaps I may send a list." J. Hhall

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March 7-8, 2015 New York Gem & Mineral Show

Pledge to My Customers:

Customer satisfaction is my primary goal. I pledge:

  1. New minerals will be added to this site every week.
  2. All minerals offered will be naturally crystallized specimens - no fakes, no dyes,  no irradiation, no crystals glued on matrix.
  3. Only the exact item pictured on the site will be shipped - no substitutes.
  4. Photographs will accurately represent each item - no exaggeration, enhancement or retouching flaws.
  5. Mineral species and localities will be accurately listed on labels with each specimen.
  6. All items will be shipped via US Postal Service, usually the next business day after the order is finalized.
  7. Each mineral will be individually wrapped and carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping.
  8. All historic labeling, if available, will be included with each mineral.
  9. Returns are gladly accepted. No questions asked, no explanation necessary.
  10. All customer information will be kept confidential and never shared or sold.
  11. I will continue to freely share my knowledge with others and contribute to the study and appreciation of minerals.
  12. All mineral specimens have a lifetime guarantee: if the mineral specimen is ever tested, and I incorrectly identified the mineral species, I will refund the cost of the original purchase & shipping, the cost return shipping and the cost of the test.

 John H. Betts, owner
Mineral dealer since 1989

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Guided Tour of the Mineral Galleries...

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