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Online Mineral Museum at AllMinerals/JohnBetts-FineMinerals

 Since the inception of the original web site for John Betts-Fine Minerals 51,828 mineral specimens were photographed, described, cataloged and sold. This is a virtual mineral museum of all of the sold mineral specimens that is updated annually. Hundreds of mineral species from thousands of mines and mineral localities can be found here. Many can be found nowhere else on the Internet. and are two domains of the same company founded by John Betts. We are pleased to present this reference to mineral collectors, researchers and students.

The minerals can be searched by species, region, chemical group or locality. Additionally there are special galleries for themes such as pseudomorphs, fluorescent minerals, and for special localities of interest. All of the minerals in the museum sold. But links are provided to galleries of minerals for sale if you desire to purchase similar specimens or from similar localities.

I hope you find this Mineral Museum a valuable reference of mineral species photographs.

Search all 51,828 mineral specimens / 105,460 photographs in the Mineral Museum





Acanthite_to_Azurite Apatite & Phosphate Minerals Canada Pseudomorphs of the World
Babingtonite_to_Bykovaite Barite & other Sulfate Minerals Mexico Minerals of the Millington Quarry, New Jersey
Cacoxenite_to_Cyrilovite Calcite Specimens Brazil & South America Minerals of Braen's Quarry, New Jersey
Danalite_to_Dzhalindite Carbonate Minerals UK, Iceland, Greenland, and North Atlantic Minerals of Maine
Eakerite_to_Eztlite Diamond Crystals Europe Minerals of New Hampshire
Fairfieldite_to_Fülöppite Native Elements Russia & former Soviet Republics Minerals of Vermont
Gadolinite_to_Gyrolite Feldspars and other Silicates China, Japan, Australia & Pacific Rim Minerals of Massachusetts
Hainite_to_Hydrozincite Fluorite & other Halides India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Minerals of Rhode Island
Iddingsite_to_Ixiolite Garnet Specimens Africa Minerals of Connecticut
Jacobsite _to_Jungite Gem Minerals Minerals of New York
Kainite_to_Kyanite Magnetite & other Oxides Minerals of New Jersey
Labradorite_to_Luzonite Micas and other Silicates USA Minerals of Pennsylvania
Macdonaldite_to_Mushistonite Molybdates, Arsenates & Miscellaneous New England, USA Minerals of Virginia
Nabesite_to_Nyerereite Pseudomorphs New York & New Jersey, USA Minerals of New Mexico
Obradovicite_to_Ozokerite Quartz Specimens Mid-Atlantic, USA Minerals of Arizona
Pachnolite_to_Pyrrhotite Silicates Midwest, USA Minerals of California
Qaqarssukite_to_Quintinite Sulfide & Sulfosalt Minerals Rocky Mountain States, USA Minerals of the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Raite_to_Rutile Tourmaline Crystals Arizona & New Mexico, USA
Safflorite_to_Szenicsite Zeolite & Associated Minerals Western States, USA
Tacharanite_to_Tyuyamunite Calcite Specimens of the World

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