New York Mineralogical Club

On September 21st, 1886 in the home of Professor Daniel S. Martin at 236 West 4th Street, the New York Mineralogical Club was formed through the efforts of George F. Kunz, B. B. Chamberlin and Professor Martin. Monthly meetings followed at the homes of members, with hosts presiding. George F. Kunz was elected Secretary. At the sixth meeting in March, 1887 the name New York Mineralogical Club was officially adopted. A constitution and by-laws were approved at the eighth meeting. No president being required by this Constitution, none was elected until April, 1895 when George F. Kunz became the club’s first President, an office he held for many years. At the end of the club’s first year it had a membership of forty-six, including many notable mineralogists.

The club’s fine collection of more than 700 mineral specimens from New York City is housed at the American Museum of Natural History. The collection includes specimens of beryl, chrysoberyl, garnet, tourmaline, stilbite and xenotime together with many other species. Most noteworthy is the large 6 inch almandine garnet called the Kunz garnet discovered in 1885.

During the 110 years the club has been in existence several honorary members have been appointed in recognition of contributions in the field of minerals and mineralogy. They include: Joseph Arons*, Sir William Henry Bragg*, Russ Buckingham*, Lawrence H. Conklin, Madam Marie Curie*, Edward S. Dana*, Clifford Frondel*, Victor Goldschmidt*, Richard Hauck, Carl Krotki*, Alfred Lacroix*, Charles Palache*, Frederick Pough*, Waldemar T. Schaller*, Leonard J. Spencer*, Herbert P. Whitlock*.(* Deceased.)

Minerals named after former and current club members include: Austinite, Bementite, Brianite, Bostwickite, Cahnite, Canfieldite, Charlesite, Cliffordite, Eglestonite, Englishite, Frondelite, Hauckite, Hiddenite, Holdenite, Kempite, Keyite, Kunzite=lavender spodumene, Ludlockite, Montgomeryite, Mosesite, Overite, Petersite, Perloffite, Poughite, Roeblingite, Schallerite, Segelerite, Sinkankasite, Sklodowskite, Spencerite, Stenhuggarite, Strunzite, Whitlockite, Yedlinite.

Currently the club has a membership of over 250. Monthly meetings, with guest lecturer, are held on the second Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at the Holiday Inn at 440 West 57 Street, New York City. Meetings are open to the public. Frequent field trips are organized to interesting mineral localities in the vicinity of New York City and extended trips to more distant states. Each month a bulletin is published for members and guests with news, announcements and original articles about minerals and gemstones contributed by club members. The New York Mineralogical Club is affiliated with the Eastern Federation of Lapidary and Mineralogical Societies and the American Federation of Mineral Societies.

The club is dedicated to increasing interest in the science of mineralogy through the collecting, describing and displaying of minerals and associated gemstones. Anyone interested in gems and mineralogy is welcome as a member.

Meeting are the second Wednesday of every month (no meetings in July and August) at the Holiday Inn at 440 West 57 Street. Meetings start at 6:30.

Dues are $20.00 for individuals, $30.00 for families per calendar year. Inquiries should be addressed to the club at: New York Mineralogical Club, P. O. Box 77, Planetarium Station, New York, NY 10024-0077 or contact membership coordinator, Anna Schumate, at

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