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Biermann's Quarry, Bethel, Connecticut

This web page is provided as a resource to mineral collectors.
Contact the property owner before entering the property to obtain written permission to collect minerals.

John Betts does not own this property and he cannot grant permission to enter the site.

Description: This is an old pegmatite quarry that was mined for muscovite and feldspar. It has been closed for 40(?) years but has extensive dumps to collect on. There are two areas worth collecting.

Minerals: Schorl tourmaline can be found as double terminated black crystals to 4" long by 1.5" thick in the ledge and boulders west of the quarry. These crystals are quite lustrous when cleaned up. The quarry dumps have beryl and unique bertrandite pseudomorphs after beryl. Bertrandite can also be found as crystals in between plates of cleavlandite. Many of the crystals of bertrandite are twinned on the C axis and vary in size between 1/32 and 1/4.

Bring: Screens, hand tools, shovels, prybars, sledge hammers, insect repellent.

Directions: From NYC it is 1 hour 45 minutes to the parking area. Take the Merritt Parkway to Rt. 7 North. Follow Rt. 7 to Rt. 107 near Georgetown. Take Rt. 107 North all the way until it ends at Rt. 58 near Putnam Memorial State Park. Turn right on Rt. 58 (South), go .1 mile past the two park gates on left to Pocahontas Rd.. Turn Left, go for 1 mile (bearing left at fork with Wood Rd.). At intersection with Sunset Drive Rd. go right for .1 mile and turn left on Old Dodgington Rd.. Follow this past the small ponds on the left and right to the parking area. Hike in the trail as described on the map below. When the trail goes steeply down a hill and crosses a dry stream at the bottom, the mine dump is off to your right (east) about 100 yards. To your immediate left is the outcrop worked for Schorl Tourmaline.

Note: It is likely this location is under management of the Connecticut DEP which requires permits for recreation on the land, including mineral collecting. Though I know of no cases of collectors being hassled for such a permit.

Sample Minerals from this location: Schorl Tourmaline


This locality information is for reference purposes only. You should never attempt to visit any mineral localities listed on this site without written permission of the land owner and/or mineral rights owner and that you follow all safety precautions necessary to protect yourself and the property. Unfortunately, the status of mineral collecting sites change often. Inclusion in this site does not give an individual the right to trespass. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION prior to entering a collecting location. ALWAYS RESPECT THE PROPERTY OWNER, you are his guest. Never enter a property posted no trespassing. When in doubt, do not enter the property. 




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