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Kyanite Prospect, Judd's Bridge, Connecticut

This web page is provided as a resource to mineral collectors.
Contact the property owner before entering the property to obtain written permission to collect minerals.

John Betts does not own this property and he cannot grant permission to enter the site.

UPDATE: 4/11/2002 The judd's bridge site is closed to collecting. It belongs to Steep Rock Association which is a nature preserve and they do not want collectors there. There are outcrops in various areas in the general neighborhood and adjacent towns that can be found by accessing the old quadrangle maps and configuring the old info with current maps, but SteepRock is closed to field trips.

Minerals: Kyanite, staurolite, milky quartz.

Description: This is a small prospect pit that has produced some deep blue kyanite in milky quartz. It is a small prospect though with very little room to work and often flooded during the wet season. The kyanite is in solid quartz, very heavy tools are required to work the rock. There may be some other prospects worth exploring.

Bring: Hand tools, heavy hammer and chisel.

Directions: The collecting area  isaccessed from a small town park, on Judds' Bridge Road (off Ct. Rt. 199, on the east side of the Shepaug River). Drive in past junction of Battle Swamp Road on your right. Park where the tree is laid across the road. Continue along old Judd's Bridge Road (also labeled as Tunnel Road on some maps) to the clearing where the power lines cross the road. The best diggings are on your right, uphill 50 feet. It is an overgrown 12 foot pit, that may have water in the bottom. Minerals can be found throughout the immediate area.


This locality information is for reference purposes only. You should never attempt to visit any mineral localities listed on this site without written permission of the land owner and/or mineral rights owner and that you follow all safety precautions necessary to protect yourself and the property. Unfortunately, the status of mineral collecting sites change often. Inclusion in this site does not give an individual the right to trespass. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION prior to entering a collecting location. ALWAYS RESPECT THE PROPERTY OWNER, you are his guest. Never enter a property posted no trespassing. When in doubt, do not enter the property. 




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