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Sell your old mineral collection - Sell your rock collection
We buy rock collections, we buy gem collections, we buy mineral collections

What do you do with an old mineral collection?

Perhaps you are moving to a smaller home and can't keep all of you collection...
Or you inherited an old mineral collection and don't know what to do with all the heavy, dust covered boxes...
Or you are getting on in years and your children and grandchildren don't show any interest in your collection...

Sell your old mineral collection - Sell your rock collection.

You should consider selling your mineral collection.

We regularly purchase old mineral collections. We buy rock collections, we buy gem collections, we buy mineral collections. If the collection is located in the eastern U.S. we will travel to see the collection in person, and assess it's value. If a deal can be agreed to, you will receive immediate payment and we will box up the collection and take it with us.

We also purchase collections through the mail. You simply ship the collection, one box at a time, through the mail. As each box arrives we will call you to discuss the price for the contents. If we come to an agreed price, a check will be mailed that day and you can prepare another box of minerals to be shipped.

In the case of large, significant specimens that are valued over $1000, you should contact us via email ( with photos, description, and asking price. If we are interested,  and accept your price, it will be pending inspection of the specimen. You will be required to ship the specimen at your expense for our review.

(Remember to keep all the original labels or catalog with the collection - these greatly add to the value of the minerals. It is highly recommended that you take the time to catalog the contents of the collection. This will make it much easier to assess the collection's value. But it is understandable if you just want to sell it quickly, without much effort.)

Note: locality of origin does affect the value of a mineral. Locality is about half the value of good specimens. For example, a tourmaline from California may be worth $300, the same crystals from Brazil may be worth only $150, and the same crystals from Connecticut may be worth $750. Without a label of origin, the lowest price must be assumed.

Some items in the collection will be worthless as retail inventory. In this case, we arrange to donate the items to a local mineral museum in your name, so that you can get a tax deduction.

We are only interested in buying high-quality minerals. We are looking for clean, lustrous, undamaged, crystallized mineral specimens that are properly identified with labels. High quality does NOT mean large.

When selling your mineral collection, be prepared to answer these questions:

Are you ready to sell your mineral collection?

STEP 1. Send me am email about your collection to Please describe whom you purchased them from, when, where you live and describe the collection. In the first email please do not send photos as an email attachment. For security purposes we NEVER open unsolicited file attachments.

STEP 2. After we determine if your collection is the type of minerals we sell, we will respond with instructions for sending photos of the collection. This usually involves posting images of the minerals to a public site like Flickr or Facebook, then sending a link to the images (if they are not too large you will be given permission to email them directly). Group images are sufficient, though detail images are helpfull. Good exposure is most important.

STEP 3. We will respond almost immediately with questions to determine our interest in your minerals.

STEP 4. If we agree to proceed, you mail your specimens to our office (or we may visit your home to inspect them in person). When mailing minerals, be sure to include in the package your telephone number (many people forget!) and return address. Be careful to protect the minerals against damage. Damaged crystals are the number one cause of low/reduced resale value of mineral specimens.

STEP 5. Upon receipt of the package we will assess whether the minerals meet our requirements. If the minerals are satisfactory we will mail a check or send PayPal payment that day. If there are problems with the minerals, we will call to discuss the issues with you.

Or visit me at my next show.



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