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MinDex 2011-2012 FINAL EDITION
The Mineral Locality Periodical Index
Index to Mineralogical Record, Rocks and Minerals magazine and Other Mineral Journals

MinDex is the most useful index to magazines related to minerals and mineralogy. Period.

I use it every day for research. It is better than Internet references. It is better than the 30 year Index to Mineralogical Record.
There is no other reference like it.
  I use this index at least once a day.


Every mineral and mineral locality mentioned in the following mineral magazines are indexed:

  • Index of Mineralogical Record  Vol. 1 #1 (1972) through Vol. 43 #2 (2012)

  • Index of Mineral News Vol. 1 #1 (1985) through Vol. 28 #3 (March 2012))

  • Index of Rocks & Minerals Vol. 37 #1 (1962) through Vol. 87 #2 (2012)

  • Index of ExtraLapis English No. 1 (2001) through No. 11 (2008)

  • Complete Index of World Of Stones

  • Complete Index of Matrix

  • Complete Index of The Mineral Collector

  • 1998-2007 Index of Micro Probe

  • 1999-2005 Index of Mineralogical Almanac


The MinDex indexes every mineral species ever mentioned in these magazines and includes all locality data published for the mineral. It is an invaluable tool for locating articles among the back issues of the magazines, for researching mineral species that occur at a locality, searching for photos and illustrations of minerals from various localities. If you have a set of Mineralogical Record or Rocks and Minerals, you know how hard it is to find an article among the many issues. MinDex makes these immediately accessible and usable.

I cannot say enough good things about this great software program developed by Lanny Ream, founder and former publisher of Mineral News. I am not making any profit selling them. This is merely my contribution to help Lanny to sell his software. I value this software so much, I am afraid he will stop updating it every year if he does not build his subscriber base.

MinDex 2007-The Mineral Locality Periodical Index

To purchase MinDex from this site go to  Online order form and request MinDex 2011-2012 at the bottom of the form under: "Additional comments or instructions"



Over 67,000 specific citations are included in Mindex. The program comes on a CD disk and is simply copied onto to your hard drive. Versions for Mac and Windows are included. In use, you can search on multiple criteria and use incomplete spellings. For example, you can enter "ferrierite" under mineral and "Italy" under country and the program produces 7 entries with full locality, other minerals mentioned in the articles, the periodical, date, volume, number, page number, author, etc. Outstanding!

Search for all localities or particular mineral in a state or country, for all references to a mine or other locality, search for all localities where your favorite rare mineral has been found, or all articles on any mineral by your favorite author. With notations on unusual forms, scepters, twins, inclusions, pseudomorphs and phantoms, plus a photo index. If the information has been published in these periodicals, it is in this index!

This is a complete index to the periodicals with every article, author, photograph, map, locality, mineral, special mineral characteristic (scepter, twin, inclusion, unusual habit--stalactite, skeletal, epitaxy, pseudomorph, etc.), and even letters to the editor that contain additional mineral or locality information and error corrections.

In practical use you don’t have to put in full spellings. You can enter mineral "cinn" and state "nev" and get 15 references to cinnabar from Nevada.

And you don't have to have the sets of magazines to be useful. You find localities for minerals, or the years they were mentioned in What's New in Minerals and you can see the various ways localities can be spelled. I could go on and on.

Sample searches:

  • Suppose you want to find photos of a Sperrylite, enter "sperry" in the mineral field and "photo" in the photo field and hit enter. You will get a list of 13 sperrylite photos in various magazines.
  • Or you want to see crystal drawings of pyrite crystals, enter "pyrite" in the Mineral field and "draw" in the Photo field and you get 48 articles with matching illustrations.
  • Perhaps you want to find all articles written by Vandall King in Rocks & Minerals magazine, enter "RM" in the publication field and "king v" in the author field and it will list all articles.
  • You can use the incomplete spellings in searches to get all of the various spellings. For example enter "berg" in the Locality field and "namib" in the Country field and you will see various spellings for Berg Aukas, Berg Aukus, Berg Akas.
  • One thing you can't do via the Internet:  with Mindex you can find all mentions of quartz scepters from Maine, enter "qu" in the Mineral field, enter "maine" in the State field and "scept" in the Special Information field and you will find quartz scepters are mentioned from Mt. Rubellite, West Hayes Ledge Quarry, Newry, Mt. Zircon, Little Deer Hill, Lord Hill, Diamond Ledge, Saltman Mine, Hooper’s Ledge, Tamminen Quarry, Bennett Quarry, Maine Feldspar Quarry, Cotton Hill, Deer Hill, Mount Mica, Mount Marie with citations for each.
  • One thing you can't do via the Internet:  you can find all mentions of pseudomorphs from a locality, let's say New Jersey, enter "new j" in the state field and "ps" in the Special Information field and you will get 67 different citations of pseudomorphs from New Jersey.



Sample search for mineral and localities in all mineral magazines

ABOVE: A sample entry for a search of scheelite from China.


This CD software is much more valuable than the unusable 30 year Index to Mineralogical Record which only covers part of that magazine and does not include all of the other magazines.  

Price: $47.00 New Price $31.75 net (plus shipping).
Unless another business assumes indexing the journals, no future updates to the index are planned.

To purchase MinDex from this site go to  Online order form and request MinDex 2011-2012 at the bottom of the form under: Additional comments or instructions


The software can be purchased directly from L.R. Ream Publishing for $30.00

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